Title: SOC_00810-en Date: c. 1970-1975Description: Elena Ceausescu posing inside a roomComments: Photographer: unknownSource: Mihai & Anca OroveanuDigitization: scanned by Serioja BocsokTechnique / Format: color film, 6 x 6 cmKeywords: communism, Elena Ceausescu, indoor, portrait, photos, furniture, flowers, vase, dress, fashion, officeInscriptions: on film "AGFACOLOR 80S 1 2 5"Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca OroveanuRelated images: SOC_00802, SOC_00804, SOC_00805, SOC_00806, SOC_00807, SOC_00808, SOC_00809, SOC_00810